The 7th member interview is CTO, Nagata. When we asked what made him decide to go on the path of space development, the word that came up was “extraterrestrial life.” He says that he is working on the space development driven by the desire to have an experience that overturns his common sense and to challenge cutting-edge technology. We asked Mr. Nagata about how he joined WARPSPACE and his future prospects.

School days immersed in satellite development

-Let us just start with, please tell us about your business.

This is the fifth installment of the WARPSPACE member interview project, featuring Takashi Hamazaki, who retired as a member of the board of directors of JAXA and is now working as a warp space counselor.

Mr. Hamazaki has been at the forefront of Japan’s space development since his days at NASDA, so why is he joining WARPSPACE now? Mr. …

This is the fifth interview with a member of WARPSPACE, Takashi Hamazaki, who retired from the board of directors of JAXA and is now a member of the WARPSPACE board.

He has been at the forefront of Japan’s space development since his time at NASDA, but why did he join WARPSPACE now? In this interview, Mr. Hamazaki and our CEO, Tsunemachi, discuss what he thinks about the future of the space industry as well as the company.

1. First of all, please tell us again about your history.


I have been working for NASDA/JAXA for 41 years, and have launched many space projects together with NASA, ESA, and other overseas…

The 6th (sixth) member interview this time, introducing Mr. Suzuki, who joined as a high-career engineer this spring. Why did engineer who have been working on space development of Japan, now choose to turn into a venture company? Also he will talk about what he is looking at in the future.

1. Please introduce yourself!

I was born in Shimizu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (currently Shimizu Ward, Shizuoka City) and I moved to Tokyo when I entered university. I majored in physics at university, studying condensed matter theory related to superconductivity. After that, when I got a master’s degree and attended the company information session…

1. Background

Since we need more members to accelerate our development, this event is for recruiting purpose. Therefore, we’d love people who are interested in working together.

In recent years, space industry is rapidly expanding centering on the earth observation market using LEO satellites.
Space development used to be limited to the national projects, but technological advances enable public sectors and University projects to develop the smaller and cheaper satellites. Now, satellite development can be a hobby.

The key driver behind such rapid expansion of space industry is earth observation market, which acquires and utilizes various data of the Earth seem from…

For the 4th member interview, we have Ido-san from the BizDev. What would you imagine from the words such as, start up or venture company?
Many would envision a bright and big company with large and successful fund raising. However, start-ups are by definition, a company. Which brings us to introduce today a very important yet unsung position of the company.

1. Please introduce yourself

I am a 24 year old female from Hyogo prefecture. I moved to Kanto to study in a law school, because I thought it would make my life better. I quit the school and stared working for some time…

For a year and a few months, the devastation of the new coronavirus has left humanity in the midst of uncertainty. In order to live and survive, we have been forced to change our way of life and society in various ways. Among them, the space industry and other deep tech industries are confronting various hard things for the future 10 or 100 years from now, without stopping their steps and challenges. …

With our third entry of member interviews, we will continue with Takehiko Sonoda, an engineer.

He jumped into this space venture with a non-space background and is actually an outsourcing-agreement member at WARPSPACE. You’ll find his background and story behind the development of WARP-01/Nichirin in this article.

1.Could you share your background up to date?

I joined an electronics manufacturer in 1989 as an engineer and was in charge of developing image processing software. I’d had about 32 years of real-world experience after graduation. After that, in the fall of 1995, I decided to work for a different company, a semiconductor manufacturer. I was in charge of the…

This is Hitoshi responsible for business development at WARPSPACE.

Before getting into the main points, let me share the background of what we are doing. As mentioned last article, we are going to publish from each member at the same time as internal interview project.

Why? We are hiring new members to accelerate our development towards the launch of our service in 2023. Then, when I stand the perspective of candidates, I’d like to know more about the working place, personality of the members who work, something more related to personal perspective. …


We are going to publish articles from each members to spread the atmosphere of our team. The first entry is from Ms. Ido, in charge of BizDev!

What do we do?

Since a membership license to stay a villa was given to me (unexpectedly), I visited one day. While I was listening to the instruction about said license, the staff said, ‘’It is so much cold during the winter and there is nothing to do, so I do not recommend you to visit at this time”, at least five times.
However, I’ve decided to visit when the idea came up to my mind. Unplanned…


We are startup company started as a project in University of Tsukuba, 2011. We will provide the optical telecommunication service with LEO Sat operator by 2023.

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