Moeko Akatsuka

Jump into a New Field from a Different Industry. Aiming to be a Role Model for All Potential People with Never Experience.

Warpspace Inc.


This is the 22nd interview with a member, Ms. Akatsuka, who joined us in September with no experience in a different industry. We asked him what kind of shape she is aiming to take in the space industry, which she took the plunge into.The challenge to enter the space industry that began with an encounter at a trade show.

-Please tell us about your responsibility

Since joining in September of this year, I am now in charge of many PR and public relations-related tasks. In the future, I plan to increase my activities in the field of sales with an eye to global expansion.

-How did you come into contact with WARPSPACE?

I have always enjoyed coming into contact with new technologies and delivering them to people, and I used to work for a supply company in the machine tool industry. When I was invited by a business partner to a robot exhibition held at Tokyo Big Sight in March of this year, I was curious about the ISIEX(INTERNATIONAL SPACE INDUATRY EXHIBITIUON)that was being held at the same time, and that is how I first met WarpSpace.

I was thinking about my own career plan, and I wanted to be involved in something I loved to do. I was also interested in the space industry, which I had longed to work in since I was a child. But to be honest, I had half given up, thinking that it would be out of reach for someone with a liberal arts degree and a different background.

-Please tell us your first impression of the exhibition.

I had the impression that the people from the companies exhibiting at the International Space Industry Exhibition were all looking to the future, and many of them had very high morale and motivation. I thought the space tech field might be limited for special and bureaucratic people but that was not the case at all. As I was going around reaffirming my feelings that if I were to change jobs, I wanted to work in an environment that colleagues around me and I would enjoy.

After looking around the venue, I realized there was a Space Brothers booth and I am a big fan of it. So I went to take a peek and found a booth with my favorite character of the space brothers Serika on the wall. And that was the WARPSPACE booth. Finally, I ran into them.

At that booth, I told them that I was thinking about changing job, and they introduced me to the fact that there were many people from outside the space industry currently working there. I had thought that the space business was more specialized and a field only for a limited number of academic people, so I was the one who assumed that I would not be able to apply it because I had no experience in the industry and came from a liberal arts background. But truth is, that was actually my image and I had created an impenetrable wall by myself.


-It was a rapid join since our first meeting in March!

After exchanging business cards at the exhibition and visiting the office in April, they offered me to join the company and I was very happy to hear that suggestion.

Of course, I was anxious about jumping into a completely different field and environment. But on the other hand, I also strongly felt that I wanted to work with them in an environment where we respect each other, and I decided that if I did not go to this company now, I would regret this, I have to grab this opportunity. Then I decided to jump in.

Aiming to be a pioneer in growth and broadening the scope of human resources.

-How do you like your job now that you have been with the company for two months?

It’s only been two months since I started working here, but I’m having so much fun every day, and I’m really glad that I joined the company. There are still many areas where my knowledge and skills are still in their infancy, but I want to contribute to the company in areas where I can commit myself, with the feeling that there is room for growth as I work harder and harder.

-Please tell us what you are aiming for.

Everyone around me who works at WARPSPACE is very cool, regardless of age or position, so it is difficult to single out just one person as my mentor or the person I want to be. Still, if I had to, it would be the senior members of the BizDev sales team.

When someone WARPSPACE suddenly decided to go to an exhibition in Finland in November, Mr. Kunii, one of my seniors, went to Scandinavia as lightly as if he was just going on a domestic trip! I think it’s fantastic and impressive, but on the other hand, if I speak English fluently, fully understand the company’s services, etc., and even negotiate if I had been able to do that, I would have been a volunteer and go to that exhibition instead of him. …Well, I know I can not do that but I felt so.

I have experience using English to some extent from my study abroad experience and my previous experience in international sales, but I still feel that I still need to reach the point where I can negotiate with sufficient knowledge and speed. Besides, a salesperson who commit at the front honestly needs not only English skills but also knowledge in a broad sense and the ability to tie it all together. So, to prepare for the assignment of going abroad without any problem, my current goal is to be a senior member of the sales team.

Also, if I who with no experience in the industry, can become a front-line worker later, it may be able to inspire similar people with no experience or liberal arts backgrounds to pursue a career in the space industry in the future.

-With an eye on the growth of the industry, it would be great if we could get more diverse human resources to participate.

We often hear this phrase, but I believe that we need to have “diversity” in various areas to achieve growth in this industry. I think it is vital if existing companies and players can commit to lowering the hurdles or barriers to participation and changing the image of the company, whether it be in the way they work or the ability to take maternity leave for both men and women.

Since I joined WARPSPACE, I have felt that the business industry field is just space but what we do is the same as in other industries. Therefore, I think that if the image of the company or industry can be changed so that anyone can participate in the company or industry more flexibly regardless of gender or other attributes, it will become easier to work in this field.

I am very satisfied with the company’s structure, so once I jumped in, I found it a surprisingly pleasant work environment and a lot of fun to work in. It would be great if more people like me, who feel the same way, could join the company and start to think together about the possibilities of the space business field. I believe that the industry and global human resources will grow if the impression of the industry as a hurdle is removed.

-What kind of future do you see beyond the realization of the free space optical communication network?

When I imagined a world where the whole world, including outer space, is connected in more real-time, I thought of the faces of my friends overseas who used to be my friends.I think the world would be a better place if it became a world where the world is connected and our friends in different countries are closer to us. I think it would be wonderful if we could make the world a better place by thinking about each other so that everyone would want to take care of those close to them.

I would be happy if I could be a part of that.

What is the most important Compass of Behavior?

-Finally, what is the most important “Compass of Behavior” for you?

I am very torn between “Leap” and “Respect your Crew” because this changing job is a very big Leap for me.

Everyone in the company is cool, and I respect them all because they are like my teachers from whom I can learn a lot. At the same time, I am sure that the people I meet outside the company are also connected somehow, and I always want to be involved with them while respecting them.

In an environment where everyone cares about each other, everyone works toward the same goal while maintaining a sense of unity. I think it is the most enjoyable and happiest thing to be able to work to the best of one’s ability, trusting the invisible connections.



Warpspace Inc.

Warpspace develops “WarpHub InterSat”, an optical inter-satellite data relay service. We will realize this service for LEO Sat operators by 2025.