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3 min readApr 10, 2023

In this 24th member interview, we welcome Ayumi Azuma from Corporate. She has made a complete change from her career in the medical field. We take a closer look at her work at a space startup.

Career Change and Work-Life Balance

-What kind of work are you currently in charge of, Ayumi?

I am mainly in charge of a wide range of corporate affairs.

-I understand you had a very different career path before joining Warpspace.

Before joining WarpSpace, I was a nurse and worked in the medical field in Osaka for 18 years. After that, I moved to Tokyo, Kagoshima, and Tsukuba, where my husband was transferred to another city.

-What made you move on to another career while still on the road to becoming a nurse?

When I moved to Tsukuba, I had the option of working as a nurse. But what I found was that many people were in similar situations in Tsukuba, and working as a nurse during the daytime on weekdays was very competitive. I decided to take on the challenge of trying a new work style.

-How is life in Tsukuba?
I was unfamiliar with Ibaraki, having worked in Osaka for a long time. I had an image of a lotus root field spreading out, but it is an environment where it is easy to live and raise children, with the city and farming fields nearby.

Corporate Operations are the Foundation of the Company

-How do you feel now that you have taken on a new challenge?

I never thought I would be working for a startup, and I never thought it would be in the space industry.
When I joined the company, it was just after Takako had joined, and I had to do everything related to corporate affairs. I was determined to do everything I could, and I was conscious of ensuring that the monthly routine was carried out without any unfairness in the execution of my duties.
Later, Chiaki, who is in charge of personnel and labor affairs, joined the company, and now I play a ranger role between them.

-Are there times when your career to date comes in handy?
Hospitals are also large organizations, and we have many things in common, such as cost awareness, business reform, work style, and team management.
I realized the importance of taking a broad viewpoint while tackling each organizational task the same in all areas.

-Are there any goals for the future as the company grows?

Yes, I would like to increase my expertise in the labor area, especially in the corporate area. Chiaki can focus more on human resources, and I can become a specialist in labor affairs, which is the company’s foundation.

As a result, I would be happy if the working environment became much better. If that results in someone’s “thank you”, I am more than happy about it.

Lastly, what is the most essential Compass of Behavior for you?
I can work like this because of my family. My family is the base of my life, and I can do my best because they are healthy. At the same time, I can support myself by having connections and environments outside my family, and I want to value “Love Your Family” the most.



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