The Interesting Point of Space Industry From Non-Engineer’s View Point

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5 min readFeb 2, 2021


This is Hitoshi responsible for business development at WARPSPACE.

Before getting into the main points, let me share the background of what we are doing. As mentioned last article, we are going to publish from each member at the same time as internal interview project.

Why? We are hiring new members to accelerate our development towards the launch of our service in 2023. Then, when I stand the perspective of candidates, I’d like to know more about the working place, personality of the members who work, something more related to personal perspective. So that we have started off this publishing project alongside the interview.

In the interview article, the contents are more related to our project, such as, what their backgrounds are, the reason why they have joined WARPSPACE, what is their responsibility in the project and etc. In my opinion, such stories could be easy to talk with interviewer.

On the other hand, I ask the members to write more about personal contents.
The reason is such personal story is more likely to get readers attract.

A story about got the villa for some reason is really attractive for me, and it gets me feel like to read it. Besides that, I’m sure that there are interesting stories away from jobs and people really want to talk to others.
Well, this is the background of this project, wish you gonna love and enjoy it!

Why Space?

Honestly, I’ve graduated the university in 2020 and thus this is the first career for me. On top of that, my background is not engineering which can be useful quickly just after graduation, but development economics and liberal arts. The reason why I’ve dived into the frontier is just curiosity.

Looking back, “How could you?”, if I’d say to myself.

On another note, I stayed in East African countries when I was a student.
People often say, “For volunteer?”, but I went there to get to know the reality of said countries. Because, I heard that trend of solution to the social issues is shifting from volunteer to business.
“Same things happen in South-East Asia like ASEAN, but why Africa?”, I’m often asked. Then I answer, “It seemed to me more interested because it is the farthest from our country.”

What is Space?

“What is it like to work in space?”
“Could it be an industry?”

I used to think like that before I join. But when I got to know about WARPSPACE and space business, it is really connected to our life on ground and that got me interested in.

Till that point, I worked for a startup company which provides drone-solution service. You know what? The altitude is going up little by little.

Sorry for a ling introduction but let’s get into the main points,
“The interesting points of Space Industry From Non-Engineer’s View Point”.

What attracts me in the space industry?

When I heard about business of WARPSPACE at the firs time, “We’ve been working on the development to launch the service in 2023”, the CEO said and such long scale surprised me. For example, in the space industry, it is likely to fail the projects even if they invested tons of money and time for couple years.

What drives people? The reason why they take such huge risks is simple,
they believe that what they do will make the world better place, or would like to contribute to the society from space. Working on the development both new technology and business in the mid-to-long term. That might have got me fascinated.

Besides, I feel that any teams or project members respect each other.
I’m not sure if it’s not true, but the system is dynamically shifting from the previous style, meaning government-led development, to commercial based development, or everyone tries long challenge.

At the end of the meeting with other company, the person I talked said,
“It must be tough time you spend, but I’ll keep fingers crossed!!!
That was really impressive to me. (It might be his personality.

Being supportive to others who try something difficult or new is simply amazing thing, on top of that, if such mentality is particular to undeveloped-area like space, I’d say it is also attractive aspect.

The Subject is large

Just after I joined the team, COVID-19 has started spreading in Japan, and SOE (state of emergency) was announced in the spring. The newspaper reported the difficulties of essential workers or health care workers. But at the same time, I found a positive news like following.

“We could expect the spread of COVID-19 if Earth observation industry were more matured”
“The biggest amount of investment was recorded Year to Date (infrastructure sector.)”

Of course I know such statement is just hindsight, and no body knows if space industry could have prevented the expansion of COVID-19 infection. But, not-limited to the diseases, I’m sure that industry’s improvement will contribute to solve the social issues.

By Earth data captured by satellite, we will be able to detect the forest fires or huge typhoon caused by global warming and respond to such incidents instantaneously. Even it is indirect, but it is likely to enable us to mitigate the global warming by using satellite data.

Last year, a news reported that satellite detected the human trafficking and could protect the people. The huge influence that space has is the attractive point, I feel and that’s the reason why people invest into this sector.

What WARPSPACE tries to do

The continuous market growth is expected in the future. Then, what does WARPSPACE do in such field?
To support the growth from communication infrastructure.
(Please refer to the article that Ido san, person in charge of BizDev published.)

I’m still often occupied with personal matters, but I summarized interesting points to me, hope you enjoyed.

Member interview is below.



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